Measuring indoor and outdoor temperature in Open Energy Monitor

Looking for a way to monitor indoor and outdoor temperature, apparently the EmonCMS cannot monitor the Daikin controls for indoor and outdoor temperatures and split the heating and hot water.

Also ideally measuring the hot water supply on a eddi / heat pump and radiators

Come across this emonTx4 (New) on the openenergymonitor page, but when I click on it there is a broken link.

Any advice on what to get, got Octopus out on Friday so would like to get the parts needed for them by then.

Also found this

Do I need RF Node ID 23
External Sensor???
Firmware Option???
Power Supply, can they hook up the outdoor supply to one of the USB connections on the emon CMS?

Do I need 3, one for outside temp, one for inside downstairs and one for inside upstairs?

Is the external sensor only relevant for the outside temperature measurement?

Do they need anything else?

The emonTx4 certainly exists, but I’m not sure of the availability. The Shop will be able to advise you on this, but do you need the energy monitoring that the emonTx4 provides? If not, it’s possibly an expensive solution.

Have you looked at the emonTH2 entry in Docs? You’ll find more information there about its capabilities.

I’m not sure what you’re asking there. Each node on the radio network must have an unique identity, the NodeID. The OEM ‘standard’ IDs for the emonTx are listed in the Docs entry - 23 is the default.

Yes, you can have one, more by changing the software.

It’s expected that the emonTH2 will use dry or rechargeable batteries, but it can certainly use a 5 V external supply from wherever is convenient.

Again, I don’t understand your point. The emonTH has an internal temperature and humidity sensor, but if you add an ‘external’ sensor (external to the emonTH2, that is) that happens to be indoors, then it will of course read the temperature where it is located.

It looks as if you’ll certainly need two. If you can’t get a cable through the wall, you’ll need three but note: the outside one will need to be protected from weather but still in moving air.

Hi @JustinUK

I’m not sure where we all are with Daikin HP monitoring, and whether or not you have the OEM HP monitoring setup (flow/heat meter, ModBus energy meter etc.), but ESPAltherma (GitHub - raomin/ESPAltherma: Monitor your Daikin Altherma / ROTEX heat pump with ESP32) provides a relatively simple means of monitoring lots of data from the HP itself. There is also a recent branch of the software which connects directly to EmonCMS, rather than using an MQTT hub as an intermediary (GitHub - Phil-Emmott/ESPAltherma: Monitor your Daikin Altherma / ROTEX heat pump with ESP32) if you’re using directly. Either of these will allow you to access the Daikin HP’s own external/internal temp measurements, and also provide Heating/DHW flags.

Search ESPAltherma on this forum for loads more info.

A link to the page where the missing link is, please, and where on the page.

from home page link to item.

Then click on the button link to it “Buy in shop”

Then link fails

I think it’s because it’s not available - I did write above I wasn’t sure of the availability.
Nevertheless, I’ll flag it to The Shop.