Measuring cubic metres process list setup

Hi All,

Long time emoncms user here. I recently started logging an input from my gas meter that is retrieved as an ever incrementing digit by reading an XML and pushing the value by the emoncms api. EmonCMS gets the value as an integer;


The value is actually a decimal, so I know I have to multiply by 0.001 as process, to get the actual cubic meters of gas since installation; 6193.792

At this moment I’m stuck on further working with this value, to present the liters of gas used on a daily basis. For instance, my gasmeter logger show that I used 0.233 m3 of gast today, meaning the value in the XML went from 6193559 to 6193792.

Anyone got some insight on how to get a nice dashboard with a bargraph showing the gas use per day, and a daily that shows the daily liters used?