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Measure of positivie and negative current for 3-phases installation


I’m looking for a way to monitor mine 3-phases installation when solar panels are producing. I would like to be able to to know if my installation is producing more than consuming. With production and consumption on 3 phases, it’s seems to be not so obvious.
Are the CT sensors of emonTX able to measures positive and negative current ? To be able to add the 3 phases currents.

Hello @picky yes when used in conjunction with the ACAC voltage adapter and the 3 phase firmware the EmonTx can be used to measure the direction of power flow e.g whether you are importing or exporting power.

OK, perfect !
And how can I use these data to drive some relays to adapt my consumption ?
I don’t see any compatiblity to domoticz or anything else, only monitoring.