Measure gas consumption in an electronic gas meter

Newbie question. My gas provider has installed an electronic gas meter. Just as a reference, here is the image:

Does your solution allow to read from this kind of device?
Is somehow data outgoing from the optical port standard or proprietary?

I started my home consumption monitoring jorney very recently with Home Assistant, sorry for the silly questions, hope you can help me.

As far as I know, it is not possible to extract the data from one of those meters.

I believe most ‘smart’ meters use a very low power radio to send the information to the electricity meter every 30 mins or so, and this data is securely encrypted. The decryption keys are not published.

(Radio transmissions must be very infrequent because the meter relies on battery power, which must last for the life of the meter.)

The only information I can find is this:
which seems to say that the data is standard MBus - but manuals appear to be not generally available.

Can you see any activity from the optical port? Some phone cameras & webcams can see visible and infra-red light, so if you cannot see visible pulses you could try that - but you might need to wait a long time to see anything.

The web page I found seems to say the data is standard. I’m not sure I believe it.

Hi Robert,
thank you for your reply. I am willing to invest some money to understand if something gets out form the IR port.
Could you recommend me some hw/sw to buy to investigate that? I am a beginner in this field but with some guidance I believe I will be able to make it.
Could you help me with that?
Thank you in advance

I’m afraid I cannot. I am very busy at present with the software for the emonTx V4, so I’m sorry but I can’t spare the time to research for you.