Max number of nodes

hi all just out of curiosity what is maximum nuber of nodes i could have on one master controler and will adding more nodes make data requests slower

By “Master Controller” you mean an EmonPi?
If so, the default is 32 nodes, though this can be expanded via a parameter.

However, do you mean the maximum number of nodes transmitting via RFM69 modules? Or the maximum number of inputs? Or for that matter, the maximum number of feeds?

I have nodes (but fed via MQTT) that have 60+ inputs. These have maybe 70+ feeds.

The original post is tagged “diyBMS” - so I thought Sam did not mean the emonPi. But then, the main components of the BMS are Controllers and Modules.

And welcome, Sam, to the OEM forum. I think you need to explain a bit more what you want to know.

hi there ye sorry i was in a little rush when puting the original post up
now by master conterler i am refering to the esp32
and by nodes i am meaning the modules that go on each cell
and by max number i am meaning whats the limit of the nodes i could go up to (so for instents 4s would mean 4 nodes and one esp32)

You had us confused there…
This is a question for @stuart or @atanisoft I think.

Each Esp32 controller can support up to 128 battery modules.

thank you for the infomation