MariaDB instead of MySQL?

Have you guys been working with the apparent replacement of MySQL, MariaDB? Most distros of linux now install that instead when you try to install MySQL. In order to get MySQL, you need to jump through hoops. In theory, it should be compatible, and I suspect that it’s going to become more of a pain as time goes on, so if you know it to work fine, that may be the better way to go, otherwise, I’ll have to try to get MySQL installed and keep MariaDB from installing.

Hi Dave,

It’s been awhile (about 2 years ago if memory serves) but I had no problems getting (what was then current) emonCMS to run on MariaDB.


I agree with Bill. I have a couple of test installs at the moment and one is on mariaDB and poses no problems for me.


Is the setup exactly the same, or do you have to make changes with regards to setting up the databases? Also, any ideas of an existing MySQL based DB can be imported into MariaDB?

It’s a drop-in replacement. Setup was essentially the same as with MySQL.


Within the same base version (for example 5.5) you can just uninstall MySQL and install MariaDB and you are good to go. There is no need to dump and restore databases. As with any upgrade, we recommend making a backup of your data beforehand.

You should run mysql__upgrade (just as you would with MySQL) to finish the upgrade. This is needed to ensure that your mysql privilege and event tables are updated with the new fields MariaDB uses. Note that if you use a MariaDB__package, mysql__upgrade is usually run automatically.

All your old clients and connectors (PHP, Perl, Python, Java, etc.) will work unchanged (no need to recompile). This works because MariaDB and MySQL use the same client protocol and the client libraries are binary compatible. You can also use your old MySQL connector packages with MariaDB if you want.