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Many small device monitoring

This was triggered by seeing what @dave and @blaal02 currently had in another post.
How are you monitoring down to single devices? I was embarking on a project creating a piece of hardware that could monitor 32 different circuits (I need about 13 in my house, but 32 actually fits the technology I was going to use.) However, even with this, I would have the dishwasher, washing machine and fridge on the same circuit. Looking at Dave and Sandy’s graphs this was split out to different feeds.
So how are most people doing this?

Hi Gareth, in my case, just multiple EmonTXs. To economize a bit on CTs, I sometimes have several (typically low usage) circuits running through one CT.

Thank you for the response. I was hoping for an easy (and cheap) solution

There is another thread running here on the use of the Wemo Insight or Edimax Smart Plug which both will measure power.

Thanks, I think that was a thread I was watching

After I bought the edimax, I saw a better solution. Open source, same price and multi functional.

Wow these look great. I’d be a little concerned that they do not have any form of approval and whether you could legally install them in the UK, but the perfect idea!

From their Kickstarter page: “The built-in Crownstone can be used in any country worldwide that allows products with CE/FCC/UL/RoHS certification.”

So your problem is they need to be wired in permanently, or into an extension lead, as they don’t appear to do a UK version.