M-Bus to UART Converter -> EmonTx?


We’re looking to read Modbus data from a heat pump and transmit to our server. We have EmonPi and EmonTx set up and looking to get this module: M-Bus to UART Converter | HeatPump Monitoring - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor

My question is if it’s possible to plug this directly into the EmonTX v3? Or if it has to plug into the emonPi.

Many thanks for your help

Hello @kabeziller it’s an emonPi / RaspberryPi only module at the moment, as the software to read the data runs on the Pi itself.

Ok, thanks Trystan,

So just to confirm, we also need:

to complete the module?

If that’s not a typo error, bear in mind Modbus and M-Bus are two very different animals
and are not directly compatible with each other.


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Hi Bill,

Ah, right - I see. Indeed, I had not realised this.

The heat pump has a MODBUS comms port. Is there anything within the EMON ecosystem that can read MODBUS then? I see this:

But not sure it will read everything we need?

And then I guess configuration of the emonhub config file to read the data? - like this:

I’m not sure what you’re asking. Could you elaborate on that a bit?


That should work.

Unfortunately, I don’t run emonCMS, so I can’t help you beyond that.