Lxardoscope- recompiled at high sample rate

if someone want a copy here a recompiled lxardoscope- that fairly accurate until about 3000 hz. i have the sampling window speed increased to accommodate the higher sampling rate of esp and mcp3008 ( ~15000 samples per second)…
example : ~50% PWM pulse at 111 hz - sample against a 60hz sin wave

exam[le 2 ; ~50% PWM pusle at 3000hz sampled against a 60hz sin wave:

lxardoscope-high sample rate.zip (202.1 KB)
and sketch for esp8266
wifiudp222.zip (1.3 KB)

I am currently using the software to figure out how to to get zero crossing and random-fire SSR to fire as in phase angle. random fire is fairly easy the the zero crossing is being a little more tricky due to timing drift issue I am having. i am hoping to get my gtilimiter/diverter to accommodate them