Lower EmonTx 3.4 Time Between Readings

Hello, I need to lower the reading time from the EmonTX to the fastest possible! I have seen some reports from a continues mode, but they all seem very old, and I don’t see any reference in the main Github Repo.

I can set the "TIME_BETWEEN_READINGS" to 1, but I would like it to be continues. Is this possible? The main reason is to adjust in real time the power from some devices with the used power from the network. This has to be as fast as possible.

Can It be done? Or the best bet is to set "TIME_BETWEEN_READINGS" to 1?

Thank you

Are you confusing “Continuous Monitoring”, “Discrete Samples” and the interval between reporting the power values? These are three different things.

For what I think you want, you really need to use emonLibCM in conjunction with an appropriate sketch - there are 2 along with the library in the zip package. A search here, not in Github, for “emonLibCM” should find it for you.

Or, you could look at Robin Emley’s “Mk2PVRouter”, which is designed to switch a water-heating load so as to exactly balance th amount of PV energy generated.

Thank you @Robert.Wall I will try out emonLibCM, from what I understand it reports the readings in real time, this seams what I need.

One question! I use the EmonTx v3.4 with a EmonESP, is this compatible? Also I use a EmonShild to a Arduino UNO, can I use this also?

Thank you for the feedback
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From what I can see from the code, the serial print is not compatible with the EmonESP, I will need to make some adjustments to the example.

#### UART Input

Data in serial:pairs string format can be inputed to EmonESP via serial UART  **(115200 baud)**  e.g:


Thank You

I have neither an ESP8266 nor an Arduino Uno + Shield, so I cannot be certain that it is compatible. However, I have no reason to think that it is not.

The example sketches are there only to demonstrate how to use the library. Look at one of the other emonTx sketches for details of the output format needed for the ESP8266 - the 3-phase PLL sketch has multiple formats - you need to choose just the one for the ESP8266.

I do’t have 3 phase! Can I still use this?

Thank you @Robert.Wall

No, I did not mean you should use ALL of that sketch, only look at the part that prints the data in the ESP8266 format, and copy only those few lines into your sketch.

Ok, I see! I have to adapt my sketch to the new library! I was under the impression that there would be a ready to use firmware to the EmonTX v3.4.

Thank you for the help @Robert.Wall I will look into it!
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