Lost info only have public dashboard link

is it possble for the admins to tell username etc from a dashboard link?


i lost the username and password, and i cant remember what i used when i created the user account

gained access to the email i used to create the account

@TrystanLea can you help out? i know of the new billing model, but i should be able to login right?

Try using https://emoncms.org/user/get.json?apikey=1234abcd (write apikey) to return your username and email details etc.

Once you have that, if it doesn’t help you recall the password, at least you have the details to request a password reset at the login screen.

Note - If you have not previously verified your email address you will have been “locked out” even if you have the right details. If your email address has not been verified you must contact the support email as per the notice on the login page, there is no other option.

problem is just i only have that link

its mainly my username i’m missing

i dont have the apikey either

You will have to contact the support email, as long as you have access the email address @TrystanLea should be able to assist you, with no username, apikey or password, you are not going to resolve this without his assistance.

that is why i “pinged” him here

i know i’m stupid etc

But he doesn’t always pick up on @mentions, he (or one or the OEM team) will always respond to support emails, although you have now strayed into the weekend so it may be Monday before the’re back in the office.

no rush… i have dived down in to kicad as i need to make a pcb that can control electrical heating panels and via an Rpi connect to emoncms.org

email sent