Looking to buy an OpenEVSE to replace an old Rolec EV charger need advice

Hi All
I have had a Rolec EV charger since 2016. I ran steel conduit and ran cables from CU to the install position and then got an OZEV electrician to finish the install as it was payed for under a grant. As I understand the Rolec unit includes a Type A RCD and a PEN device. I take it the OpenEVSE does not contain these devices? So to use the OpenEVSE I would also need to install a Type B RCD and a PEN device in a separate enclosure. Have people installed these devices externally near the charger or internally near their consumer unit? I am thinking of using the Type-B RCD 3P+N (Chint NL210-63-463/30) and a Matt:e Single Pole Auto Reset PEN Fault Protection with 100A MCB. Has anybody got any experience with these devices, are they any good?