Looking for Compiled ESP firmware for use with EmonTx

Hi @TrystanLea

I am having trouble using emonESP firmware (version for connecting to emonTX) as described here:-

ESP continually resetting. Any ideas? - #4 by danbates

The precompiled firmware for the sonoff works perfectly. Is there a precompiled version of the software for use with an EmonTx anywhere on github?


There is for the 3-phase sketch: EmonESP special sketch (9600 baud) for use with 3-phase PLL sketch:

But I presume that as you’re in the UK, you don’t want that. (However, it might help to narrow down the problem area.)

Thanks Robert.

The emonTx firmware I have is fine. I am after the firmware to install on the ESP connected to the EmonTx.

I’ve replied in the other thread, Ian.
There was something missing in the pio.ini file I think, hence the compilation your end not working.

Here’s the .bins again with the new .ini file, which specifies the framework version (later versions had breaking changes) so should work now, no guarantees :slight_smile:

Archive.zip (361.7 KB)