Looking for 3d stl file of emonTx Arduino Shield case

Hi there my kids bought me a 3d printer for Christmas --wondering if anyone made an stl or a cad file for emonTx Arduino Shield case enclosure. using a uno base

if not I will see if I can figure out freecad and make one

Check thingiverse for something you can start with (Uno case) and modify to your needs.

Load the .stl file into Tinkercad and hammer away at it till you end up with something that fits.

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thank you for the reply . i looked into that earlier, but I am finding 1/2 of stuff does not fit from these type of sites and end up wasting alot of filament and alot of time ( does not seam they are being tested just pumped out) . so I thought I ask here first before reinventing the wheel…
I found a tutorial on how to build an unocase with freecad. we will attempt today and see how well this old brain can absorb the info.
at some point when/if I get a working model I will upload a cad file and the stl here for others to use.

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Sounds like you need to calibrate your printer. I’ve printed three different cases taken from Thingiverse on two different printers, (an Anet ET4X and an Ender 3) and all three were either spot on, or very close to the right dimensions.

FreeCad is good stuff, but has a fairly steep learning curve.
Tinkercad is easy to learn, yet quite capable.

Have a look at this:


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the printer accurate the stl were not. especially for the cc25XX zigbee stick none of them worked except one all of then forgot to compensate for the the USB protrusion on the back side of the stick. as I have several of these sticks bought at various times and everyone has the protrusions . wasted lots of filament and time looking for one that worked.

Grabcad.com has some good models. You’ll need to tweak the online examples in CAD to fit your project as you have been discovering.

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