LOjack - gps tracker- OBD statistics to your database

(stephen krywenko) #1

hi there for those who might be interested . to add mobile vehicle information to their database from their cars OBD and or gps . it will also act as gps tracker (in both offline and online mode)… it based on my version of “open energy monitor” using openwrt as the backend ie orange pi zero or banana Pi - R1 and the data base controller-- but it should be adaptable to OEM version
see gihub for files

in this version I did not upload directly to influxdb but instead uploaded to servers cvs processing directory. and allowing the server processing to translate to influx in line data stream - reason for this is that i am using rsync which only sends the files and compress what has changed since the last update. so if I have a 20 meg data file store on the remote device but only 100 bytes have changed since the last update it will only send the 100 bytes and compress it to maybe 5 bytes and then send it … this significantly reduces the amount DATA transmission over a cell data connection.
if you have it tethered to a cell phone or use a cell data stick it can provide live gps tracking - simply install DDNS on openwrt base set up your DDNS account… then at your home base install JOSM and GPSD plugin - and simply point the gpsd plugin at your DDNS address and it will provide live GPS tracking of the vehicle

if using in “offline mode” then the device will simply store the data locally and once it arrives within range of your home/bussines wireless it will simply up load the data to the server once it comes on line… and off line data can be view with any compatible gpx viewer

the ODB you can use any of the elm327 that are linux compatible either bluetooth or usb
and it will provide data to Influx db what every data points you add to it - the the vehicle named is determined by the host name of the openwrt device it is operating off of

the prefered device to use is orangepi zero and since it requires a fair amount of power to operate everything it is best to install all the peripherals on a powered usb hub… the Orange pi will be powered from the usb data connection to the powered hub
if you wish to go deeper you can also setup socat with a bidirectional network serial and run OBD sofware from anywhere in the world on that particular vehicles computer