Logging on to emonpi local

I had a Heat Pump Monitoring Bundle installed by my energy supplier as I was having problems with my heat pump. I have logged in to Emoncms.org and can see data inputs etc. and am reading through documentation to setup graphs and dashboard.
I have tried to log into emonpi.local but I get a login screen requiring a username and password. It did not offer me the chance to register. I know these are different from emoncms.org so am stuck. Will the installer have registered the system and I need to request details from them.
I can see emonhp on my wireless network.
Or does my system require a Raspberry Pi installed into the system to allow me to use emonpi.local?
Question may sound very basic but am new to this so need to start somewhere.

Hi, welcome


No, I am pretty sure the bundle comes with a Pi.

It is highly likely the installer has set it up so created the user/password. Just check they have not used the same credentials for the online system as for the local one, otherwise, yes you will need to ask them.

Backstop, it is possible to reset the password, but is a little involved.

Thanks for that. Will have to speak to installer.

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