Logging every 10s and nans returned

Hi I have set up my Emonpi with an rtc as it is a location with no network. It is logging and I have set the emonth to log every 60s. However when viewing the CSV file it seems to be recording the data every 10s, and there seem to be lots of nan in the CSV file. Any advise appreciated.


In emonCMS, did you choose the Feed engine as Fixed Interval and the interval itself as 10 s (the default values)? If so, you will get approximately 5 NULL values and then a single value from the emonTH. You probably need to visit ‘Learn’ and read up on how the Feeds work: essentially the FINA feed can be thought of as boxes moving along a conveyor. If there’s a box going past every 10 s but data falls onto the conveyor every minute, only one in 6 boxes will have data.

You should have chosen 60 s for the interval. You cannot change it, it means throwing away the Feed and creating a new one with the correct interval.

Thanks, for that. that is very usefull, I have set up the emoncms.org to remotely read my emonth’s. And have done this succesfully with the majority of nodes. I am trying to add a few more nodes to log, but i keep getting the “ERROR:Feed could not be created,udefined message returned”. I am not sure hoe to overcome this but I will try searching.

Thanks again

Hello @Dr_D_68

Could you try again now, I thought I had this issue fixed but it may be a browser cache issue, I’ve updated the script version to try and force a reload of the related javascript.

I will try in a moment

yes great it is now working. Many thanks.


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Great good to hear