Logging data from smart meter accumulating values

Hello All,

I have a smart meter telegram receiver, that reads the import and export for the electricity every 10 seconds. It has 4 accumulating values, that register the kilowatt hours since it was installed, in an always increasing value. The kWh value has 3 decimals, this I convert to Wh, by multiplying the value with 1000.

The logger has an xml output, that is read by a shell script on the emonPi, the contents are as follows;


The first two values show the input, for day and night tariff, the second two the energy export for day and night tariff since the meter got installed.

I log all 4 values to a feed in emoncms, and the sum of both input and the sum of both outputs to different feeds.

So far so good.

But now i want to create a feedvalue in kwh per day, and a feed where I can create a bargraph for, so I can see the use per day, month, year.

Can someone enlighten me on the best practice for creating those feeds?

You should log to emoncms using wh accumulator input process then a kwh per day graph can be created as follows:

Is there a way to do so without the REDIS dependencies?
I’m running on Synology and can’t install the php-redis extension :frowning:
But I’d like to achieve the same result as described by Jon.