Locked EmonCMS Apps

After installing another CT to a working IoTaWatt setup and configuring additional Inputs and Feeds, I have come across a problem with the cloud version of emoncms. The existing ‘My Solar’ or ‘My Solar Divert apps’ now appear to be locked up with a continuously ‘rotating loading wheel’ that doesn’t time out. Unfortunately, the situation is compounded because the ‘edit’ capability is also non-functioning.

I am hoping that someone will be able to point to a previously recorded solution. If not, guidance on how to delete these problem apps would be appreciated or is it necessary to start again by creating a new Emoncms userid and api key?

When this happened to me I seem to remember adding feeds until I had a set of feeds with names that matched the ‘standard’ feed names used by the apps. This stopped the ‘rotating wheel’ and restored ability to configure the apps as required. May help.

Thank you for the suggestion but unfortunately this did not work when I tried it. Bizarrely, I can create and use new ‘My Solar’ and My Solar Divert’ apps. However, when I try the original versions once more the continuously rotating loading wheel is all that happens. It would be nice find a solution to get rid of the clutter.

If you are using a computer with a decent browser, you could try hitting PF12 to activate the JS debugger. Depending on the browser (firefox, chrome, etc) the debugger uses different names for things, but generally you might want to look at the “network” or whatever tracks the API requests. There is probably a request hanging, and you would be able to see the original request, and any response. Might shed some light.

Thank you, the result of carrying out your suggestion is the message at the bottom LHS of this screenshot

i.e. TypeError: import_kwh_data[day] is undefined[Learn More] view:724:13
I assume that this is the cause of the problem, but unfortunately I have no idea what it means or how to fix it.
The problem occurred after I altered the arrangement and the details of Feeds because an extra CT had been plugged into the IoTaWatt.
Please would someone with the appropriate programming skills provide a way for an app with a problem to time out and hence permit the settings to be updated.

Took a quick look and you might be able to just remove the app without running it. Reading the JS for those apps, there are some api’s that you could use: (log in to emoncms on your browser first so you won’t need the apikey)

You can list all your apps with: emoncms.org/app/list

Then you can remove any of them by name with:

emoncms.org/app/remove?name={name of the app with %20 instead of spaces}

Example: emoncms.org/app/remove?name=My%20Solar (for the first My Solar)

Thank you - all three troublesome apps successfully removed/deleted.