Local reading on iPad

I have an EmonPi monitoring consumption in the house feeding emoncms.org and logging locally. I can access it with the local IP address ( However if I install the Emoncms app on my ipad I cant seem to get it to display from the local ip address. I can display from the remote emoncms.org in the app but I was hoping that monitoring local would give more instantanious readings. If I open a browser on the iPad and use the local IP address of the EmonPi then select Apps in the top left corner then it works. I would prefer to get it running on the native app though rather than a browser.

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I think I’ve seen something about this - quite a while ago. I think it’s peculiar to the Apple OS and it might have related to an iPhone, not an iPad. Try searching here for “Apple” / “IOS”. If searching these forums (in the light blue header bar) doesn’t find anything, try the old forum as well (in the dark blue header bar).

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@mattjgalloway was the author of the App I believe. He may pick this tag up and answer.

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Hey @Roblister! What in particular doesn’t work when you try to set it up? You can use the QR code scanning function which is by far the easiest. In the app you can also have multiple accounts signed in and switch between them.

Please do let me know more about what the problem is and I’m sure I can help you out.

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Hi Matt.
if I go to settings in the iPad app and select Switch Accounts. I have one account there that I have called Remote, which is the online emoncms.org account and that works fine. But if I try and add another accouont with the plus and give it a name of Local and change the address to which is my local EmonPi which incidentally I can access ok via webpage with this IP address. I enter the login and password. As soon as I hit Save an error message comes up saying Error The connection failed. Please try again. I have tried preceeding the IP address with http:// and https:// with the same result. I also tried copying the API key and filling in that field.