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I’m sending this message because i’ve met an issue with emoncms on my raspberry pi3. I’ve successfully installed Raspbian and Emoncms according to the github link . However , i want to create a local wifi network with a WiFi Dongle and obviously with a Raspberry but currently i don’t know what i have to do .

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Ah, which link. Some of them are not 100% accurate shall I say.

The Pi3 has WiFi built in. Why the need for a Dongle?

It’s this link : https://github.com/emoncms/emoncms/blob/master/docs/RaspberryPi/readme.md

We are trying to generate a raspberry-specific Wi-Fi network with Emoncms on it so that we can communicate with a touch pad and collect energy data via your platform.
To put it simply, I am currently working on a datalogging system.
I was wondering how we could generate a WiFi network of the Raspberry Pi3 without using a dongle.

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Is there any reason not to run it all off the one network? i.e. the touchpad and Pi get their IP address from the same WiFi router?

You can do what you are suggesting but it is somewhat specialised and I have no idea how.

A word of warning, the MQTT instructions to install Mosquitto should not be followed. Just do a normal apt-get else you will have problems with a later version of mosquitto.

We just want to be able to have the same network on the Raspberry, the tablet and the router but we do not know how to get access to the local network emoncms the raspberry directly on the touch pad.
Moreover we can not even connect to Wifi via the raspberry.

We haven’t installed Mosquitto with the MQTT instructions yet and we don’t know if we have to do it.

Is there any reason not to use the EmonSD Image? I suspect you will find it easier.

Can you navigate to and internet site from the touchpad?

We tried to use EmonSD(Using win32 to put the image of Raspbian and Emoncms on a SDcard) image but we were stucked at one point when launching the Raspberry.

What do you mean ? In case you would like to know if we can connect to a website via our wifi on the touch pad (without using emoncms or LAN), yes we can.

I suspect your easiest path is to try the EmonSD image again. It is much easier for the community to help you if you are using the standard image.

On first boot it does take a while to do all the updates so you need to be patient. If you have the ability to connect a monitor to the RPi, then that shows you what is happening.

If you want to stick with your image, to configure the Pi for network connection you could try

sudo raspi-config

Once the RPi is connected to the network, you will be able to access it from the touchpad or any other computer on that network, so no need for the dongle, just use the builtin WiFi.

I’m trying to do so but now i’m stucked here : i can write the login ( don’t know if he exists but it seems no) but cannot write a password.

If this is a new emonSD image then the login user is pi and the password is emonpi2016.

Take note that


are all considered different by Linux.
i.e. with rare exception, Linux treats everything as case sensitive.


Thanks for responding but the point is that i’m stucked because i can write a login but with i cannot write a password with ( i don’t know why).

Sorry I’m not sure I understand, when you type “pi” at the “login:” prompt and then [enter], it asks for the “Password:” and you type “emonpi2016” and [enter]. For privacy/security reasons the password is not displayed as you type it so you need to be sure you are typing correctly and that the numlock and capslock are set as you expect.

I don’t even look at the screen when I do it, I just type “pi” [enter] “emonpi2016” [enter] and if it doesn’t work first time, then I check numlock and capslock.

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Thanks , it worked perfectly.

I’ve another question now : i’ve typed ifconfig and i’ve noted the wlan inet adress but when i type this adress on my computer in the same network , i cannot access to emoncms site.

Do you have an Ethernet cable still connected?

How did you add your wifi credentials?

Sorry , i’ve just tested and i’ve forgotten to add the ethernet cable(it works now). Do i have to always connect my raspberry to internet with an ethernet cable or can i configure the wifi ?

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EDIT : I’ve configured the wifi network and it seems to work fine.
Thanks for all the responses

EDIT2 : If i have another question , do i have to create another topic or continue on this ?

That really depends on the question, is it related? It is preferable to keep topics separate, especially if they get involved, but it’s not essential if it’s just a quick question (to start with).

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