Local emoncms installation - looking to report on accumulated time of day use with PV system

So I have installed the basic emoncms locally and emontx with my PV system and it seems to be working fine.
My tariff gives me three different time periods, off-peak, peak and super peak. I’d like to be able to summarize the periods, mostly the import / export to the grid, ideally daily.
I found this old post that helped. I believe I need to use the schedule with use_kw/h and accumulate it based on the schedule?
Do I need to create a virtual feed for the 3 periods to accumulate to?
It’s also not clear what the schedule options mean on the inputs. I’m guessing the NULL means continue until the next schedule condition? image
I’m guessing at some point I need to reset the accumulator too. Like another poster mentioned on the old thread ideally it would be the 13th day of each month.

I don’t know if @kumarmohan7 or @nchaveiro can offer any insight?

Thanks - Bryan.