Local EmonCMS Graphing

Im having some wierd issues with my emoncms installation, so looking for some troubleshooting tips.
Im using a Raspberry Pi2B, with a 32GB SD card, and its connected to my network over ethernet with no internet access.
Im using an emontx4 to pull feeds for my main circuits and a couple of smaller circuits, and the pi is connected to the emonTx using the wireless module. They are ~6 feet apart, so RSSI is fine.

The system has been working fine for some time, but then i started to have issues where the pi was capturing data, but the graphing would not be populated.
Ive run auto update a couple time over the past few weeks (by allowing internet access temporarily), so im running the latest stable versions, but im now having various issues - the graphing problem still exists, but is random, i had an WARN error last night for the padding size error. I can reboot the pi and all seems well for a random period of time - but seems the frequency of rebooting is increasing to the point where this is being cumbersome.

Any help appreciated. im not a linux/software guru but happy to follow pointers and do some additional reading (learning).

Do you mean the RFM or Wi-Fi module?

How old is the SDCard?

If you look on the admin page, what version of the Image is it (emonpiRelease)?


Sounds to me like a failing SD Card.


Thanks for the super prompt response.
I hadnt considered the SD card - that is definitely a possibility. Im not sure how old it is, but its definitely not new.
I can try a new SD card - is this as simple as copying the files from one SD to the other?

The PI image is as attached
emonpiRelease: emonSD-21Jul21 (not sure why this is the case if im running the updater!).
Im using the RFM module.
Screenshot 2023-02-07 at 1.06.45 PM

Not that old, but this is highly likely to be the reason.

Not quite but RTFM :slight_smile:


So I did replace the SD card with anew 16GB card.
My feeds all imported, but all my inputs now show as null, and my feeds have various status - from inactive (end July 2021) to a number of hours.

Only other difference is I downloaded the 10Nov22 image to the new card, but had been running the 21Jul21 image on the old card.

Would it be fair to assume the data is corrupted and i should simply delete everything and start from scratch?

Is emonhub running? What does the emonhub log say?

emonhub is running.
I get an error in the log about connecting to MQTT service.
WARN|emoncms_mqtt.php|Connecting to MQTT server: Connection Accepted.: code: 0
The config is correct (port 1883), but would be useful to confirm the mgtt user /pwd combo didnt change.
Im using emonpi and emonpimqtt2016 from this link.

That is the main emoncms log (and that always happens occasionally)

Go to ‘emonhub’ on left menu, and look at that log.


Attached screenshot of the log.
I did reboot both the pi and the Tx, but log ends up in the same state.

Thanks. In future just post the text please. Use CTL-E to ‘preformat’ it.

Ok so look like emonhub isn’t receiving any data which is why you don’t have any Inputs.

There is a communication error - @Robert.Wall - any ideas? Ah, just noticed the OP is in the USA.

@TrystanLea anything in the update (firmware?) that may have caused this?

I’m out of touch with the latest setting - Baud rate is the prime suspect, because it’s been changed quite a bit over time. 38400 is correct if you have a modern RFM12B or RFM69CW in your emonPi, if it’s old it could be wanting 9600 or 57600, or it might just be 115200 if you’ve got the emonPiCM software.
As a first step, I suggest trying those in turn.

What hardware do you have @emonster? that’s probably the first place to start.

Hardware is a Pi 2B, with an RFM69pi module and an emontx4. These were purchased in the UK, before I moved to the US. We also purchased a US mains adapter.

This has been set up and running fine since early 2021, until recently (maybe the last 8 weeks or so) we noticed the graphing was lagging the realtime, and then it would stop running altogether. A reboot tended to fix this, but seems to have got progressivley worse.

It might be time for a new SD card, from what you write.

So that was Brians original suggestion.
I replaced the SD card with a new one, and did the import via USB on the pi.
The only difference is that the older SD card was running the Jul21 image, and the new Sd card has the Nov22 image.
But now I have no data, the feeds all show as inactive.

Im going to try and rebuild from scratch and see if that resolves the issue.

Update: I reinstalled from scratch with a new SD card.
Same issue, no inputs detected.
Suspect that the RFM69 might be failing. (I switched the Pi out but have the same issue).