Local Dashboard missing

Hi all,

Did a full update, rebooted it and now i seem to missing the dashboard option on the local web interface?

Also missing the apps button?

Try: “cd /var/www/emoncms && git pull”

So sorry but i’m not sure how to run that command, I cant seem to enable SSH

On your emonPi, there’s a pushbutton. If you press that, do you see the display change? If so, cycle round that until you get the option to enable SSH.

If you can’t see that option, then you need to take the SD card out and write a file onto the card. The file name is ssh and it goes into the /boot directory. It doesn’t need to contain anything, it just needs to be there.
(See emonPi SSH disabled by default)

Once enabled - either way, you should be able to get in.

Thanks Robert / dlmpryor, managed to get SSH working although the error i got does not look good…

Git is black magic as far as I’m concerned, there are mysterious incantations that can be invoked, but not by me. Sorry but I can’t help you.

Oddly all the logging seems to be working and sending the data to emoncms.org works just the local interface is having a wobble.

Looks to me like a corrupt SD card, might upgrade to the emonSD Industrial - Pre-loaded SD card only £20.00