Local connection with Emonbase and Emoncms at remote area

How can I connect Emonbase with Emoncms when there is no internet connection in remote area and 3G internet over GSM network is also very poor or not available?

The emonSD image used for both the emonPi and emonBase has it’s own local emoncms instance. So you could have a totally independent remote instance where you can collect, save and view data locally without any outside connection to the wider internet.

If you want to use emoncms.org or another remote (to the location) server, the image uses emonhub which does have the ability to buffer data in RAM and then post that data once a network connection is successful, so if you had a patchy gsm connection, the data would be sent in larger batches when ever the network is available. The data is not currently saved to an eeprom or file etc so a power outage, restart or crash would result in any buffered data not yet posted being lost.

The current configuration has a max buffer size of 1000 frames, but I regularly up that setting to 70,000 - 100,000 to give me in excess of a week of buffering even on larger installs of >4 devices posting every 5secs.

[edit] viewing the data is also a consideration, is the target audience (you?) located at that remote location?

If you have a patchy network connection and you post remotely (when it can) that data is then always available to well connected network devices, but if you are at that remote place you won’t be able to view the data it when the network is poor, so a local instance is better for users at that location, but sharing your data maybe tricky. the emonSD does allow you to do both at the same time.