Live kwh unit cost feed from utility company

Hello. I would like to get daily or hourly actual cost per kwh from my power company and feed that into my application instead of setting a static kwh unit cost. Has anyone done this before? Seems like there should be a way to periodically get the rate from the utility to give more accurate dashboards and reports. Thanks


If you receive electricity from ComEd (Commonwealth Edison) you may be able to use this:

ComEd offers an API and the above Node-RED node grabs that data:
ComEd 5-Minute Price Data API

If you don’t have ComEd, maybe search for the name of the utility followed by API:

Thanks Jon for the advice. My provider is Duke Energy here in Indiana, and so far I can’t find anything they would provide. I have contacted them to see what their options are but I don’t expect them to have much. Wondering if they are given governement incentives if they provide real time pricing to customers (to let customers lower their energy needs by seeing the cost).