Level 3 Heat Pump monitoring bundle questions

In the next month or so I will be purchasing a level 3 monitoring bundle for my ASHP (install due mid Sept) and have a few assumptions/questions if someone wouldn’t mind helping with please.

  1. My Unit is a Samsung EHS Mono R290 (Model AE080CXYDEKEU) which if I understand correctly does not have a pump in the outdoor unit, as such am I correct in thinking I will need two Electricity meters one for the feed to the outside unit and one to feed the inside water pump and control unit? Should all feeds for monitoring equipment be feed direct from mains and not measured?

  2. Could anyone confirm if this unit has a booster or not I know some Samsung’s have a built in 3kW booster but I can’t find any reference to one for this unit.

  3. The DHW tank will have an immersion am I correct in assuming there is no need to have a meter on this as it has nothing to do with the heat pump efficiency?

  4. Since I’ve been looking at this bundle there is now a new option DHW detector would this just allow calculating heating only COP or DHW only COP rather than a combined value for both? Are there any other advantages to having this option?

Many Thanks

Hi Ian,

Yes, that’s correct. Samsung has the primary pump indoors fed from a separate circuit, therefore you will need a 2nd electric meter to measure this.

Either way, it doesn’t matter. The electric used by the monitoring is a very small amount. The monitoring data logger base station requires a three-pin domestic socket.

By default, Samsung does not contain a booster heater

Immersion power will be included in the feed to the indoor unit. But it’s not essential to monitor the immersion since it won’t be used much and it’s not part of the heat pump opperation.

Correct, the DHW status sensor allows the COP of DHW and Space Heating to be calculated separately and DHW re-charge periods to be highlighted on the graph.

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Excellent, many thanks Glyn.