Level 3 Heat Pump Monitor stopped reporting data

The Open energy monitor has stopped logging any data apart from external temperature for the last 2 days.
The device has been working faultlessly since installation last September.
I have powercycled the system and checked the internet connection and all seem okay.
I would appreciate soem advice on what to do next

Sorry, Hugh, but you need to look at the bit that starts “Asking or help” on the FAQ page. All we know about your system is what you’ve written above, and it’s not enough for anyone to be able to help you.

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I have a level 3 heat Pump bundle with a Sontex 7Kw heat meter.
I only use the app to to monitor my system and for the last 2 days it has not reported any data apart from external temperature. I have made no changes
The microprocessor box has a steady red light on the left and a flashing green light on the right.

When I had a problem during set-up Glynn Hudson was able to log in remotely and resolve it.
What other information should I provide?


@glyn.hudson please advise

Hi Hugh,

I’ve had a look at your system, and it looks like it’s offline. It’s not posting data, and I’m unable to connect to it.

Could you check the unit is powered up and has an Internet connection?

I’ll reply to your email

This also sent by email:
Many thanks for your reply.
The system is powered on and connected to the internet.
It is connected by wired Ethernet to a Deco mesh hub - this has always been the mode of connection.
I just checked the connection is working by running the ethernet wire back to my PC and the connection is fine.

My PC connected by this method now.

Nothing has changed since the installation in September…

I have also checked the connection is not the problem by running an ethernet cable from my router back to the monitor. This did not fix the problem either.

Hello @Hugh1556 when you plug the ethernet into the emonHP unit do the yellow and green LED’s light up and flash?

The LEDs on the top of the emon HP are: Left light - solid red Right light - flashing green faintly (or yellow can’t tell the difference)
There is no change when I connect or disconnect the Ethernet cable.

There are no lights on the M-Bus reader or the USB to Rs485 unit

@glyn.hudson Following your email I changed the power supply for the emonhp and it is now working.
There was no power supply in the kit so I used one for a mobile phone. I have changed it for another one I have.
Could it be the power supply was not adequate or it had degraded?