Let's Encrypt revokes SSL/TLS certificates



Does this affect emoncms?

Both articles say you’ll get an email (if Let’s Encrypt has an address) if your certificate is affected.

You should know if you have a certificate anyway, if you don’t have one, how can you be affected?

Well, I don’t currently have one on my local emonpi, so I couldn’t see how it can be affected, but I wondered if maybe switching SSL on was a simple admin settings change that I’d simply not yet made but this would cause problems for that.

It’s more complicated than a simple switch. It’s been done and documented - somewhere. A search might well find it.

I administer quite a few live systems and Let’s Encrypt is wonderful. They are good at communicating too. If you decide to go the TLS route then it is a good choice. ofc my setup is fully automated so I never actually do any cert issuing / refreshing, it’s handled by the lovely ACME process.

Short answer - no!

I wrote a post a while ago about doing it, it isn’t particularly complicated but largely you don’t need it.

Lately, I normally just install mod_md (if apache) and let it take the strain. Any known obstacle to that with emoncms?