Legend in Graphs with wrong text

I use graphs to show them in a dasboard.

The problem i have now is that the legend of the graph looks different in graph module than in dashboard.
Also, the label for each item used may look/built diffently:

In Dashboard:

Node:0:node.0.loadwatts versus Gusi:Node:0:soc

In Graph:

Sometimes labelled “undefined” (here i should read “Batteryvolts”)


Most annoying is when a legend contains “undefined” although the field has a name. And the field labelled as undefined changes. Its not always the same field.

Couldn’t this bug be fixed? Please!

As a work around try this

  • deselect the “undefined” feed
  • select it again in the left hand checkbox first
  • then select the right hand checkbox

This way it will display the correct feed name, it is only when selecting a feed by the right hand checkbox first that this occurs. It has been reported as a bug.

Your previous bug where the tags are always shown on dashboard embedded graphs,even when disabled from the graph editor page, is also known and we hope @TrystanLea might return to solve these bugs at sometime in the future

wow - that helped! Legend now is correct.
Many thanks for your support.

A happy new year!