Learn: Copy Heading Links to Clipboard

I’ve been working on a feature for Learn that allows a user to easily share a link to any heading in any article.

Using a cursor to hover over any heading will show the option to copy either the URL address or the hyperlink to the current location on the page. This is how the hyperlink appears when when you paste it onto a forum post:


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Looks good - but I’m not sure we need to click OK to confirm.

Would “Breadcrumb format” also be a possibility? e.g.
Learn → Electricity Monitoring → Current & Voltage

Often, when pointing a new user towards Learn, I feel it’s better to be able to refer to a section (like the breadcrumb example) rather than to a specific page, partly so that they get a chance to see the scope of the information available, and often because a specific page is too specific. When I originally raised this, that is what I had in mind. At present, that’s not possible without copy-typing it.

electricity-monitoring→ctac→calibration→why-calibrate? doesn’t relate to what I see when I go to “Learn”.

Nice work Gwil. I think the ‘OK’ to confirm is good. It tells the user that the link has been copied.

I wonder if some users would be confused by the difference between a URL and hyperlink? They are effectively the same thing. Maybe the hyperlink text could have (embed) or (forum embed) or the popup box could provide more of an explanation?

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I’ve never seen that when copying and pasting anywhere else. :slightly_smiling_face:

Usually, you know when you come to paste it.

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Yes, I am working on that. I’ll share my ideas on this thread.

I agree about the choice of wording in regards to ‘hypertext’ and the need to confirm. I feel it is best to make it very obvious to any user what the function of the buttons are; perhaps a small notification that goes away by itself?

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I overlooked this. This is because the link is currently derived from the url - which doesn’t always match up with text on the menu. I’ll get it fixed.

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