Latency on

I’ve been seeing some latency issues with my data on over the past few days. This has varied from several minutes to a couple of hours this morning. It still seems to be updating, but just lagging. Looking at emonhub on my local emoncms I am getting the normal response “ok” to acknowledge receipt of data from Is this a server issue?

It usually is a load sharing problem. @TrystanLea looks after that side, so hopefully he’ll notice this and check.

Hello @Jez sorry about the latency a couple of times over the last few days, there was one account creating several ten’s of thousands of inputs which should not have been possible due to limits on the number of inputs, turns out there was a small bug that allowed the inputs to keep being created which has now been fixed. The queues have all cleared and it’s all looking good now, thanks for posting, always worthwhile in case we miss the issue.

Thanks @Robert.Wall for the @

Great. Thanks for the info Trystan, I thought it would be something like that. No latency this morning

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