Last updated feedtime widget?

Is it possible to add a last updated label on the dashboard? if so how is it done?

Have you tried the feedtime widget?


i only see a feedvalue

Have you updated your dashboard installation?
What version of dashboard are you using (Or are you using


correct on that one :slight_smile:

The feedtime widget has been in the dashboard master branch for a few months now, but I don’t know if @TrystanLea plans to, or is able to merge it into
It’s certainly a useful widget.


it sure is/would be

@TrystanLea please add it if you can without smoke escapes from the servers

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thanks @TrystanLea

any plans for adding the feedtime widget to

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@TrystanLea or @glyn.hudson

any plans for adding the feedtime widget to ?

@Boelle please try not to ask the same question multiple times in multiple places. G&T are just as likely to see all your posts equally. They are not able to respond to all @mentions, asking the question more often is very unlikely to speed up or improve the odds of getting a reply, possibly the opposite.