Large setup for sale

7 x EmonTX V3 with each 4 current clamps and EU plug (433Mhz)
10 x DS18B20 + 2 x RJ45 to Terminal Block Breakout for DS18B20
2 x EmonTH (433Mhz)
1 x Programmer - USB to serial UART with long cable
3 x RaspberryPi 2 with Pi Base Station Receiver Board (433Mhz)

First who offers 250€ for the whole set I will accept. Price excludes transport costs from Netherlands

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Would you be willing to sell an emonth + temp sensors on there own? Thanks


What do you offer?


Thank you for your reply.

Can you tell me what the postage would be to London and then i can make you an offer.

Many thanks.