Landis & Gyr E110 behaviour when exporting

I’ve just been looking again at my Solar diversion - it’s on an emonTx based on MartinR’s code but with more temperature sensors.

I was just checking again the size of the bucket on our meter and L&G E110 and noticed the statement in the Guide on PV diversion at Learn | OpenEnergyMonitor where it states that ‘The Landis & Gyr E110, when exporting, flashes its LED but does not increment the register.’

I’m pretty sure that ours goes from consumption where it flashes at every Wh of consumption (3600J) to a state where if we are diverting it flashes rEd (reverse energy detected) and the LED goes to a solid red until as far as I can tell until energy is again consumed, i.e. PV can’t provide enough energy to run the diversion and the energy requirements of the house. So when the energy ‘bucket’ in the s/w has overflowed so to speak.

Anyone else noticed this? And if so maybe it should be corrected in the documentation - small point but might catch someone out.


What does the LED do if you are producing excess PV and not diverting, ie actually exporting?

That is “overflow the bucket” in the export direction ie producing more than you can consume incl active diverts.

You only specifically mention 2 states when consumption is greater than PV Gen ie importing = flashing and during diversion ie “the sweet zone” the meter should indeed have a solid LED whilst both filling (exporting within the 1Wh limit) and emptying (importing within the 1Wh limit) the “energy bucket”.

It’s only when it goes outside that “energy bucket” that the LED flashes and most meters do flash the LED whilst actually exporting, although I am not at all familiar with the model you mention.

Quick way to test is to simply switch off any diversion for a moment on a sunny (low consumption) day when export is guaranteed, just to see if the LED remains on or flashes when there is a known export of a reasonable size.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was in some way configurable by the utility company/meter manufacturer per application on many meters, so there may not be a hard and fast rule.

A quote from the E110 manual for education use…

“The reverse energy warning message is triggered when the reverse power exceeds a programmable threshold level of between 1 and 10 Amps for a period of 10Wh. Once this level is reached the message below (rEd) will be displayed which can only be reset via the IEC 1107 port. Whilst in this mode the LED will remain lit whilst there is reverse energy detected.”

I have this meter and, like you, see a solid red LED when exporting. At least, this (EDF installed) E110 has the rEd option on.

Thanks Ian. I think ours switches back out of the rEd mode without having to be reset but I was up too late this morning to check :slight_smile:

I will edit the section in the learning guide to reflect the info from the user guide.


EDIT - done and pull request sent.

I did write and maintain that page, but since it was transferred from Drupal, I’ve no longer been able to do so.

I thought I detected your clear style Robert. I’m assuming Glyn slicks up any pull requests? Hopefully the edit will be incorporated quickly. Although it’s not a big deal if it takes some time.