"kWh to Power" alternative for EMONCMS.org?


with EMONCMS on my EMONPI I use “kWh to Power” input processor to convert Pulse to Power - which works overall quite well.

EMONCMS.org does not provide this capability. Is there a way use the available EMONCMS.org Input Processors to achieve the same capability as “kWh to Power” conversion?

Many thanks



Hello @Fredi you can convert cumulative kWh data to power data as a post processing stage when graphing the data. As an example here is an example reproducing a power graph from cumulative kWh data with the power feed also overlayed:

Yellow: power calculated from the cumulative kWh data during graphing using the delta option of the graph module and correct scaling factor:

Blue: original power data used to generate the cumulative kWh feed

Hallo Trystan
many thanks for your reply and details. I forgot to mention that I would like to define a separate Feed for the current power usage to be used in the MyElectric App.
I currently look into generating a separate Input for Current Power based on PulseCount by using a NodeRed function to convert the PulseCount values into Power Watt. I get the PulseCount via API and plan to send the Power value back to EMONCMS.org.
Do you know if this has been tried already? I am struggling a bit with the correct calculation of the conversion of Pulse to Watt and what the best delta time is to get best results.

Many thanks