kWh per day

Hi guys

Could someone share with me how you setup a KwH per day tracker?

Does this look correct?

Hello @Robbrad, you only need the first two processes in your list, Log to feed (if you want to record power) and the power to kwh, the calculating of daily totals can be done at the graphing stage, see the guide here Emoncms Graphs - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

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Ok cool - I was trying to extract the value to another tool that was all - but I think its ok.

Thanks @TrystanLea

FYI I cant get the Graphite interfacer to work - and the Emonhub log is not updating at the moment (latest SD image)

Thanks @Robbrad, we are looking into the emonhub log issue, do you see any errors for the graphite interfacer? the graphite interfacer was originally developed by Jacob Sohl, commit details History for src/interfacers/ - openenergymonitor/emonhub · GitHub I dont use it myself so am unable to test.