kWh - Netto Consumption

Hi Everybody,

I am writing feeds from a RaspberryPi to and accessing the feeds via my Windows PC web browser.

I am monitoring 2x Pulsed output kWh meters with the Pi and counter values are sent as feeds. is used to calculate total kWh for each feed with the wh accumulator function.
Values are correct and Daily kWh can be displayed on a graph in the dashboard.

I also calculate the Total Power for each Pulse output kWh meter with the Pi and values are logged in

I would like to find out if it is possible to calculate the Nett kWh for the above feeds, with the relationship of Nett kWh = Calculated kWh Meter 1 - Calculated kWh Meter 2 ?
As the Daily kWh is calculated in, I am not sure if it is possble the access the calculated kWh values for further manipulaton.

Thank you very much for the assistance.


Hi @FlipSnyman,

I’ve not found anything on the side, but you have a lot more control with a local install.

Here’s a link to something very similar that I’ve done with my local config.

Show delta between 2 kWhd feeds

I don’t know if anyone else has any other ideas.