Kwh feed on new interface

I have spent the last hour trying to figure out how to get the kwh feed working on the new EmonCMS interface.
I have added two feeds on my input log and kwh as I always do.

But in the past I could rename them / edit them individually. Now even though it shows two feeds on the input page as below:

But the feed page only shows one feed. that is the log feed. I can’t find the kwh feed.

Please help!!!
P.S. this is not a local server, but the emoncms dot com server. And I have plenty of balance in my account :slight_smile:

Hello @joji You need to create seperate feeds for the kWh processes, one for the power feed and a second for the kWh feed. Does that make sense? At the moment you only have the one feed with both processes writing to the same feed.

hey @TrystanLea, thanks for the pointer. That helped me fix it.
I knew I was doing something stupid. I just didn’t know what :slight_smile:

Thanks mate.