kWh-d feeds broken by prolonged power outage

Hi Just wanted to report this as a possible bug.

Due to some scheduled maintenance, I was without power for most of today.
A couple of hours after power was restored I noticed this.

Obviously, I didn’t actually use over 3000kWh today.
I was able to fix it by simply restoring last night’s backup (I have nightly backups configured via cron)
But I created a backup in the broken state first if you need to look at it.

Actually, it seems the kWh-day feed just has issues with the fact that there is a chunk of missing data.
I thought I fixed it by restoring the backup but it seems to have returned.

I don’t suppose there is some way I can clear just that day?

I have the same issue with kWh/d feed after having updated from 10.8.2 to Version 11.2.2
My graphs are empty when I select monthly or annual view (Zoom Graph)
Using BarGraph (only display power feed) displays correctly, so there is a bug with kwh/d feed
Hope it can be solved to restore my 5 years measurements history view …

Just checked emoncms today and noticed this.

I have not had any more power outages but I did have to shut down the pi running emoncms several times over the last few days as I was testing and experimenting with the tx4 expansion module.
Nothing I did should have affected my existing data because I was using a separate tx4 board on a different node id for testing purposes.
I suspect there is just some bug that causes kWh/d feeds to break any time the system loses power/reboots.