kWh/d did not reset

Hi Guys,

I have just setup a few feeds from Home Assistant and they have been logging just find, except for the kWh/d feed that did not reset to Zero, when 12am hit in Sydney.

Not sure what I have done wrong.

Thanks in advance Rob

Are you viewing that from the Emoncms dashboard?

Have you set the timezone under your use profile?

Hi Brian,

I have my profile set to Australia/Sydney +11:00 and I am just viewing the data off the feed.

Also ignore the fact the KWH and KWH/D are different numbers I just started logging them at different times.

Is this a local install or

My Home Assistant is a local install feeding to

Ok, if, that is outside of my knowledge area - sorry.

[edit] Just a thought, are you feeding the data with a timestamp?

Ok thanks, hopefully the guys from will be able to help.

Could you post a screenshot of your Inputs page, so we can check how your creating the kwh feed.

What input API are you using to post the data?

What’s your username?

Thanks for the prompt response.

My username is rweisback

The data is being sent from a Vera Z-wave controller.

Input Page

Feed Page

Cheers Robbie.

I’ve taken a look at your account. The issue is that kwhd does not reset ad midnight it’s cumulative kwh/d. I would recommend just using kwh rather than kwh/d, see this user guide for how to view kwh/d graphs is bar graph form, you will need a few more days’ data to be able to view daily bar graph:

Hi Glyn,

Thanks for looking at this, I have been noticing that the kwh/d have been resetting the zero at UTC of 12:00 am which is 11:00 am in Sydney. Can that be setup to reflect the account times zone?

Regards Rob