kWh/d did not reset

(Rob) #1

Hi Guys,

I have just setup a few feeds from Home Assistant and they have been logging just find, except for the kWh/d feed that did not reset to Zero, when 12am hit in Sydney.

Not sure what I have done wrong.

Thanks in advance Rob

(Brian Orpin) #2

Are you viewing that from the Emoncms dashboard?

Have you set the timezone under your use profile?

(Rob) #3

Hi Brian,

I have my profile set to Australia/Sydney +11:00 and I am just viewing the data off the feed.

Also ignore the fact the KWH and KWH/D are different numbers I just started logging them at different times.

(Brian Orpin) #4

Is this a local install or

(Rob) #5

My Home Assistant is a local install feeding to

(Brian Orpin) #6

Ok, if, that is outside of my knowledge area - sorry.

[edit] Just a thought, are you feeding the data with a timestamp?

(Rob) #7

Ok thanks, hopefully the guys from will be able to help.

(Glyn Hudson) #8

Could you post a screenshot of your Inputs page, so we can check how your creating the kwh feed.

What input API are you using to post the data?

What’s your username?

(Rob) #9

Thanks for the prompt response.

My username is rweisback

The data is being sent from a Vera Z-wave controller.

Input Page

Feed Page

Cheers Robbie.

(Glyn Hudson) #10

I’ve taken a look at your account. The issue is that kwhd does not reset ad midnight it’s cumulative kwh/d. I would recommend just using kwh rather than kwh/d, see this user guide for how to view kwh/d graphs is bar graph form, you will need a few more days’ data to be able to view daily bar graph:

(Rob) #11

Hi Glyn,

Thanks for looking at this, I have been noticing that the kwh/d have been resetting the zero at UTC of 12:00 am which is 11:00 am in Sydney. Can that be setup to reflect the account times zone?

Regards Rob