Keyboard Shortcuts

Just noticed the new forums has some nice keyboard shortcuts which mirror the Gmail shortcuts. These make moving around the interface very quick :smiley:

There are what I’ve found so far, I can’t seem to find any official Discourse documentation but they are pretty self explanatory:

[j] and [k] - scroll up and down a thread list
[c] - compose a new thread
[r] - reply to selected post (use [j] & [k] to select)
[e] - edit selected post
[g] then [l] - goto Latest view
[g] then [c] - goto Categories view
[g] then [t][ goto Top posts view
[=] open ‘burger’ menu
[/] search

There is a link to the “keyboard shortcuts” legend at the bottom of the burger menu. which can be also be opened using the keyboard shortcut [=] :slight_smile:

Ah, thats good to know! Still can’t find it though…

Desktop/Laptop browsers only - must be ignored on the Mobile.

If you use ? it will give you a list of shortcuts. Not all seem to work for me.

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