Kernel Panic Pi Zero - Why use PHP8.1?

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It seems the issue with the kernel panic in installing emoncms on a Pi Zro, is down to the use of PHP8.1

@TrystanLea, why did we make that jump? Was it just to be up to date?

I am guessing there is a bug in the libpcre2-8-0 library.

Interesting, thanks!


do we move back or is there a better solution I wonder?

It may be just the PiZ that is the issue. Perhaps modify the script to accept a value for the PHP version to be installed.

Just trying it with the Stock PHP8.0 on the PiZero.

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Hi Folks,

I’ve just tried using the latest emonsd image (Nov22, fresh, first boot) on a pi ZeroW.
It immediately Kernel panics when trying to start init, and I’m wondering is the the same issue.
Does emonsd come with the problematic PHP version ?
Same SD card in a Pi2B works without issue.

I’m considering trying an older emonSD image, but fear it would auto-update to problematic PHP version on boot.

BG - I’m trying to use a spare PIZ-W with the heatpump hat as it’s such an elegant solution compared to a full blow RPI (more easily fits into a small black box).

Thank you

Prebuilt doesn’t work at the moment for ARMv6. the 2B is ARMv7.

Try this Does this even work on a Raspberry Zero !? - #63 by borpin

Just testing it again.

Thanks Brian

After reading all of that, here’s what I’ve done

  1. Booted clean emonsd on Rasppi2
  2. Edit as described to install 8.0
  3. Ran on the pi2

Now about to move the card to the PI-Zero and see if it boots.

Have I missed something ?

Update : Didn’t work, still panics immediately after init load. Obviously I’ve missed something.

OK, I think I see the confusion.
To fix this on the current emonsd card, I need to follow this

Then essentially edit init, re-rerun (which builds the whole emoncms install), correct ?

Yes, the emonSD has already installed the wrong version.

You need to start from an RPiOS Lite image.

Yes. I’ll finalise some docs shortly.