Keep tablet logged into the EmonCMS web interface

I’ve been given an old Android Samsung tablet, which I want to use as an EmonCMS display, the only thing it will ever do is run Chrome, with a couple of tabs open, each with an EmonCMS dashboard.

After having updated to the latest Chrome the rather old Android 4.4 can run, it all works rather well, expect for one issue.

After a few days, the dashboard ‘freezes’, no updates, no moving needles etc. Tapping the refresh icon takes me back to the login page, which I guess is the issue, I’ve been logged out.

Is there any way around this? Setting up a cookie or new special user or something?
It’s not leaving the house, won’t have any other pages open and I’m pretty sure I can trust the cat.

I have the exact same setup, and I avoid the login problem by not logging in at all. I setup the dashboard page to be public, and do the same for each of the feeds it relies on. I now have a permanent display that never needs a login.

Tip: enable “Developer options” for Android, and turn on the “Stay awake while charging” option.

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