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Kaco Inverter with logging to PVOutput.Org by Photon microcontroller

I bought a cheap and obsolete Kaco inverter and their Watchdog network card which didn’t work. The result was an inverter that was deaf, dumb, and blind. Kaco support was no help at all. <insert rant>. I decided to make my own solution, and OEM proved to be an excellent resource.

My Emon system has now gone live, and I am very pleased. I want to thank OEM for the awesome tutorials on voltage and current monitoring with Arduino. My LCD displays wattages within 0.1% of my Kaco inverter display which is excellent! The last part is figuring out how to make the webhooks to properly upload production data to the PVOutput API.

System specs:
Kaco 3502xi Inverter
Photon microcontroller
RioRand 20x4 LCD
White Rodgers 90-T40F3 240V/24V Transformer
EKM Metering Solid Core CT BCT-007-100
EmonLib for Spark Core