JLCPCB DIYBMS order question

I am attempting to order v4.6 controller boards and v4.5 module boards from JLCPCB and after submitting the order they quickly responded with an issue:
“Our engineer didn’t found the 1.152mm(45.4mil) round non-plated toolling holes for SMT assembly in gerber file, could we help you add the tooling holes (alignment holes) per our rule?”
Can anyone help me answer this question or tell me what I may have done wrong with the options for the order?

I think they are referring to the 4 holes at the corners of the PCB. These holes are used by their pick and place machine as a reference for the x,y coordinates. If you open the file “ControllerCircuit_cpl_jlc.csv” you can see there FID1, FID2, FID3, FID4, with their x, y coordinates. On the JLCPCB website, when you get to SMT Assembly, there is an option: “Tooling holes by customer”. FD1 – 4 is what they are after. Also, you can see these holes if you open the file: “ControllerCircuit-ibom.html”. It is located in the folder called “ibom” below the gerber folder. If you open the file using your browser, at line 32 (I think)you can see: Fiducial_1 mm etc. This is my understanding, maybe others can correct me if I am wrong.

I am about to order the controller V 4.6 as well. Would be curious to know if you solved this issue.