JLBPCB now considers module V4.4 to be two designs (extra cost)

they consider any boards that could be separated to be two designs. Apparently they dislike snapable designs. The silly thing is that they consider boards that you can dremel apart separate as well

“What will be regarded as different designs? Basically, if the traces/ silkscreen in your PCB is different, as long as it can be separated, no matter by v-cut, millings, or drill holes, it will be regarded as different designs even there are traces between the boards. One more thing, sometimes, even all your PCBs look the same, but if there is no connection to make them into one panel, and it needs to be sent as a single piece, it will be also considered as different designs.”

This adds $1750 to the cost of ordering

You just had bad luck with the board’s analyst. suggestion, cancel the order, and ask for it a day later, just as another analyst is not so picky, thousands of boardss have already been manufactured and if it costs me that on occasion they have raised this objection.