Issues with Wifi and creating feeds

I’ll give that a go now. Thanks

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That’s done and booted. Logged in while on ethernet and saw the following on the admin page:

"Starting update via (v3.0) >

Have I flashed the wrong image? I used this one emonSD pre built SD card Download & Change Log · openenergymonitor/emonpi Wiki · GitHub

Thanks @fatherofgrafton could you try running the update again from the admin page, it may be that it didnt quite have internet at the point it tried to update on first boot.

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That was it. And now wifi is working and so are inputs / feeds. Thanks for all your help.

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Great to hear @fatherofgrafton!

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We have worked out the underlying issue that caused the errors, there was a misunderstanding in the office whilst updating the master image last week that has left the settings.php file mistakenly in place. @martin had the same issue here: Brand new emonPi emonCMS not working - #9 by SJM81

We will be emailing everyone who has ordered a unit in the last week to offer either a replacement SD card or for those confident in a little SSH the steps to fix, which are:

1. Enable SSH using the push button to scroll through the emonPi menu then press and hold on the “enable ssh screen”

2. Connect via SSH using putty, download here:
host: You will need to enter your emonPi’s IP address, as soon on the LCD

username: pi
password: emonpi2016

3. Once you are connected, execute the following command

sudo rm /var/www/emoncms/settings.php

then reboot the emonpi

sudo reboot
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That’s good. However I’m afraid I’m still unable to connect to any wifi.

The scanning of wifi happens ok and I tick the selected SSID and can enter my PSK. After clicking ‘save and connect’ and then closing the pop up I get the config saved pop and nothing else happens. Clicking refresh doesn’t do anything and connection info doesn’t change and nothing appears in the network log.

I’ve tried it using the AP mode and also ethernet and no difference I’m afraid. I’m obviously jinxed!

Any ideas?

Thanks again.

Hello @fatherofgrafton There seems to have been a couple of reports of WiFi issues recently, @glyn.hudson is investigating.

Could you check if the WiFi network is saved by any chance in wpa_supplicant:

sudo cat /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf

Hello @fatherofgrafton I’ve found an issue with the WiFi log that I have now fixed. If you run an update via Admin > Full Update that should bring it in for you.

Great. I will do that later today.

It is me! I am jinxed for sure😂

I’ve made a few other changes to the WiFi module that should hopefully make it clear what it is doing when its trying to connect to a network, again if you can run the update and let me know what results you get that would be great! much appreciated!

Will do later today

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Did full update.

Tried to configure wifi while connected via ethernet. No info in the log and only difference was in the messaging when you save and connect. Rebooted to see if that helped. The log contained some info regarding binding to the ethernet connection but nothing regarding wifi. Added wifi credentials again and saved and connected, then refreshed. No new info in log and status stayed as ‘disconnected’ throughout I’m afraid.

Thanks, is there any chance you could check to the content of:

sudo cat /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf

Could you double check the passkey is saved correctly, try reloading the WiFi page, it should be saved alongside the selected SSID. You also need to tick the checkbox next to the SSID you wish to connect to.

Oh dear, a couple of things you could try:

  1. Run $ sudo iwlist wlan0 scan this should return a list of available wifi networks

  2. Try to connect to a network using sudo raspi-config

If this fails then you must have faulty RasberryPi hardware.

Does your SSID / PSK have any unusual characters?

Hello @fatherofgrafton

I’ve found another issue with the WiFi module that may have been causing what you were seeing. I wonder if you would mind running update again and trying to connect to WiFi again?

Will do now

I’ve done another update and made sure to check the SSID after entering password and then saving.

I’ve now got the countdown timer for the wifi restarting which is new, but nothing else changes after saving or pressing ‘refresh’, it still shows as disconnected and no more info in the logs. My SSID has no special characters just letters and a zero.

If I refresh the wifi page, my password and tick box selection are not saved so it doesn’t look like the config has saved.

I can try the sudo commands suggested by Glyn next if you wish?

@glyn.hudson @TrystanLea I have managed to connect to my wifi via the SSH commands from Glyn.

I’m happy to keep testing new builds though if you want?