Issues with Relay

Hi guys,
I am using a relay board to trigger a bistable relay to shut off the system, when diybms detects any issues. In my diybms frontend I have set relay to pulse. This works in general BUT
the relay on the relay board doesn’t fall off after triggering and stays at on. when I unplug VCC on relay board and wait for 10 seconds and replug it doesn’t switch to on again - this is fine. within this approx 10sec it goes on high again… Is this an issue which comes with opto isolated relay boards so that there is no unloading through the coil of the relay…

The relay board i am using seems to be the same that stuart is using.

Can this issue be solved by adding a 10k resistor between VCC and I/O.

I think Stuart will have that implemented on the pcb anyway in order to get I/O to a defined potential.

Any help welcome!

Best regards

In the meantime i have added a 12k resister between vcc and signal on the relay board but it doesn’t change anything…

Any thoughts?