Issue with SDM120 Modbus


Appreciate some help with the modbus interfacer here which i’m having some trouble with trying to read from SDM120M meter.

I have a both OEM Modbus and MBUS adaptors connected to my emonpi, both using their respective interfaces. The MBUS data has been working well for some months but no joy with Modbus. Having tested on a windows machine, I’m able to see data from the SDM120M via the USB adaptor - but no sign of life on the pi. I have checked the settings on the SDM120M - ID 001, Baud 2400.

So I have to think the problem lies with the way I’ve configured the interfacer - do i need to change the int settings? emonhub shows no 'Not connected to SDM120

Once i have one working, i hope to add another x4 SDM120M’s on the same adaptor.

Screenshot below. Any advice appreciated.

Many thanks,

I think it may be time for me to move the work in the minimalmodbus_multiple_meters branch of emonhub into the main branch. See the thread and post here:

Could you try this branch and see if it gives you better results?